3 Reasons why you may be failing to get as many customers as you should

In Zimbabwe, in light of the harsh economic environment making sales means survival even flourishing if done well. The following are the 3 major 3 reasons why small businesses fail


Did you know on average 1 in 10 people you advertise to will respond. The more people you advertise to, the higher the chances of making sales. Businesses do not reach out to potential customers on social media in Zimbabwe. There is over 2 Million people in Zimbabwe on Social Media. Are you reaching out to them?


  • Some people interested in your products want to purchase in the future.
  • You forget to follow up the potential customer as and when they want.
  • There is no communication to build a relationship with potential customer.


  • Did you know the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60%-70%
  • Most businesses do not keep a database of customers who bought in the past
  • They do not tell existing customers of new products and services

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